Friday, February 6, 2009

nasty nay sayer coming to life.

Ok I'm on a roll lol the nasty nay sayer now has some color :) and some hair, wings and his tail :) I'm going to begin work on his base and his lady assistant shortly. :) But here he is thus far :)
many hugs,


Daydreamer :) said...

Just when you think people aren't listening to a word you say, they surprise you. I'm glad to see you finally got him out in the open, so you can show him who's boss. Any muses stuck in there - LOL.
Heather :)

Jenn GrosJacques said...

LOL so never know if anyone is listening LOL but it's fun :) oh he's been so much fun...completely out of my norm lol. I still have a base to make him and his assistant who so far I just have her head done LOL. She's a bit of a vampire it should be interesting to see how she comes out. I haven't gotten to the muse yet but I have some thoughts for creating it....I think I have two muses though LOL and one is extremely whimsical and almost three different characters in one so it should be interesting to create that one LOL
have you ever gotten a chance to create your nasty nay sayer or muse???

Daydreamer :) said...

As is usually the case, they are still in various stages of progress - LOL. I have sketches of them all (at least the ones I know of), but I haven't completed any of them. If you want to see a drawing of one of my muses and his sidekick look here:

He, his sidekick (both muses) and his brother (a nay sayer) are the closest to being completed.
I have one named Mercy that is kind, but has a shadow that's mischievous, so I know what you mean about figuring out how to create them. I'm going to have its shadow cast on a garden wall (painted). So yeah, I have to create a scene for it, but it will make more sense with some of the other pieces in the scene. Keep playing! :D
Heather :)