Thursday, March 5, 2009

ok trying to see if the photo button will work this time haha. anyway this is elma my willow elf she is poseable and tiny fits right in the palm of your hand :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

hmmmm blogger photo not working

ok all I will be adding the photos of Elma the willow elf shortly for some reason blogger photo uploader doesn't want to work for me today. not sure why but I'll get them on soon.

Elma the willow fairy poseable art doll

Hi everyone :) I just finished a project on one of my groups. This is a Wendy froud inspired project with a poseable sculpture. so I'm introducing to you "Elma" she is a willow elf. she is posable at her elbows, knees and waist. She is very small only about 6" in height if she were standing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

nasty nay sayer coming to life.

Ok I'm on a roll lol the nasty nay sayer now has some color :) and some hair, wings and his tail :) I'm going to begin work on his base and his lady assistant shortly. :) But here he is thus far :)
many hugs,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a mermaid named "Joy"

Here is a little older sculpt I completed for a friend of mine....she loves mermaids and anything to do with the ocean as well as the colors pink and purple so this is "Joy" my little mermaid who is comfortable living in a friends home in PA now :) she was fun to create....this was about a month ago and I just didn't get a chance to show her off yet :)

finally got some clay time :)

I know I know, I have been terrible with keeping updated on my blog....things have been hectic but I'm getting back into the scheme of things with a little bit more time to create. I have just started a work in progress he is my nasty nay sayer....long story....I'm a member of BPCAG on yahoo and we have gone over the discussion of having a muse....well a nasty nay sayer is the opposite of a muse....he trys to do everything possible to devert your attention and mess up your creativity ( actually heather I believe may have came up with the name nasty nay sayer and I love the name :) ) it was first something along the lines of a demon name I believe LOL. nasty nay sayer seems more cheerful....less scarey lol. anyway he is a work in progress over the past couple of weeks while sculpting this guy he has informed me that he is to have a lava rock base, as well as a female assistant I have started his assistants face but nothing more on her yet. She and he will take quite a long time to I'm also involved in a few other sculpting projects with my group I will have to set them aside from time to time to catch up on other sculpting things :) But here he is so far...currently he is not painted, and he is being suported by glasses lol he will not have to be supported and will sit upright and stable once his base is complete. I will be adding some photos of his assistant when I get some time to sculpt on her a bit. and will show you the completed project when it is threw :)
many thanks for watching my progress and sharing in my joy of sculpting :)