Sunday, November 30, 2008

Arie elf and her pet Lizard Eliza :)

another sculpt complete yippie!! This is beneath the clovers sculpt # 89 I've named the elf Arie and her pet lizard Eliza. They were alot of fun to create :) I have another big project I've started that may take me quite awhile to create, it will be a very detailed I probably wont get that done for awhile. And in the mean time I am working on some Christmas ornaments for a swap I'm doing with my favorite polymer clay group bpcag. :) So I wont get to work on the elabrate sculpt until I'm finished with those :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

centaur and fairy sculpture #88

I'm just about finished with my centaur and fairy that have been taking most of my time. :) I have a few tiny minor touches to add but they are basically completed. So I am gonna go ahead and add them here :) they didn't turn out just as I had hoped, this is the first centaur or anything with horse like features I've ever attempted to in that case I feel that they were about as good as I could get them considering how many months I've been working on them lol.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

for some reason that didn't work to well when uploading the photos of the santa elf and garden fairies lol so here they are...lets hope it works this time. :)
haha I said I wouldn't be so missing in action...but unfortunately I haven't had much time lately my hubby has been going to school for his with just me here It's been pretty tough to keep up :) anyway I have a few new creations another santas elf " her name is pepper" and a set of sister garden fairies collecting ladybugs :) these were fun. I have a work in progress a centaur and a fairy...this has taken quite a while to finish...but they are almost near complete so these will be added shortly :)