Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new creation

Hi everyone, I have not had any time for posting lately. we had a major family issue and I had no time for anything for awhile. I did finish one art doll over that long stretch of time, and I didn't have a chance to take photos of her in the process but here is her in the finished state. This is my #82 sculpt I call her "Cammie a fairy in Mourning" This was more of less a piece of art work I turned to to relieve some emotions as my Grandma just passed away. So no it's not truly intended to be a halloween piece, but she does look that way huh? She has tears streaming from her brown eyes down her rosy cheeks, she sits on a base she is removable from which is hand sculpted of puppen clays over a wooden plaque and then hand painted with genesis. Cammie's out fit is hand painted with genesis too and then she has a little sheer black fabric shawl around her shoulders. I have three art dolls now in the process so I will be taking some photos of them and posting them very soon. Things have calmed down here a bit and I am back to creating...so I'll hopefully have a bit more time to post and to sculpt :)
many hugs,